Customer support

Group 1

Services on request to find appropriate land for investment in a selected RES The client has to specify with a Term of References agreed between both sides about their intentions as a general scope, project scale and time for commissioning. The contracts of this group are relatively small and short term and are subject to negotiations between both sides.

Group 2

Services on request to study and verify the preliminary feasibility of selected site(s) for a selected RES The client has to present all relevant documentation to the consultant and to reflect in the Terms of References the goals and project expectations.

Group 3

Services to develop a project until the phase of construction permit (CP) with a bankable project dossier. The consultant perform by himself or with the help of other sub-contractors all installations of equipments for measurements, studies and arrangements, according to actual Bulgarian regulations (site arrangements plans, licensing, investigations for electrical connection to the grid, environmental impact study, if concern, feasibility study, annual energy production, emissions reduction, cash-flow analyses, etc.). The consultant develop a technical proposal for basic equipment procurement and draft the technical specifications for it. This is the base for secure the project financing (the developed documentation is “bankable”) . The contracts of this group are subject to negotiation after the approval of the Terms of References, proposed by the consultant.

Group 4

Turn-key project implementation The consultant perform on turn-key contract basis, by himself or with the help of other sub-contractors all activities required by the local legislation and regulations to implement the project until the phase of licensed operation. All related activities and their performance are coordinated and are subject to current approval by the investor, including studies, design, equipment selection, erection activity, construction, tests and commissioning. This type of contracts are subject to negotiations, following Terms of References drafted by the consultant and agreed upon the client.

Group 5

Services to sell projects The consultant offer services of intermediator of projects sells/purchases, based on preliminary specified goals to be achieved by the client. In such cases the consultant basically requires commission contract, subject to negotiations.