Our vision

Our vision of being the best possible alternative energy company includes other people too. We believe in being true partners with the communities in which we operate. Working together with our clients we can all create a greener and more energy efficient projects.

Bulgaria now is a member of EU and the technology is here, and people – the high-energy people of Pro EcoEnergia – make it reality.

The European Union’s low-carbon energy policies focus on support for renewables in energy production.

Nuclear power plants, as emission-free sources of energy, also retain their role in meeting future electricity needs while meeting the highest standards of safety and management of radioactive waste. Nuclear projects are not in contradiction with the trend of penetration of new production technologies and the needs of consumers, but provide the opportunity for a smooth transition in times of significant changes in the energy sector.

After the period of fast penetration of renewable energy sources over the past decade, policies are now geared to developing the competitive market environment for technological innovation based on low-carbon production.

Our business tasks are focused on providing services for projects which are based on emission-free production in a competitive market environment.

The emphasis in our activities are pointed on the use both classical technologies and those for the introduction of new technologies in the production, distribution, storage and consumption of electric energy, following the tendencies for a gradual change in the overall process of meeting energy needs of the final users – from the generation of electricity in a centralized power system to the development of decentralized systems and the “prosumers”.

After the phase of the rapid penetration of the main types of Renewable Energy Sources, such as solar and wind power plants, our activities are oriented towards those projects where decreasing investment costs make them attractive for market realization.

The implemented projects in the field of application of renewable energy sources in recent years cover:

– Analyzes of the market environment and assessments of the potential for integration of Renewable Energy Sources in the market;

– Technical solutions for decentralized use of RES technologies for consumers’ own needs;

– Complex analyzes for the development of the power system with the participation of RES and nuclear power plants.

Another direction of our services is in the area of the nuclear power installations as base capacities with a long perspective for securing the reliable electricity supply.

The projects implemented in the field of nuclear energy application in recent years include:

– Participation in preparing of national reports and conducting a dedicated mission in the field of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management in support of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency;

– Consultancy for State Enterprise Radioactive Waste in the field of radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities;

– Partnership with engineering and consultancy companies in the preparation and implementation of projects for Kozloduy NPP, Bohunice NPP, Metzamor NPP and others.