Pro Eco Energy Ltd. is founded in 2007 with the mission of cooperating the integration of new technologies for the production and consumption of energy, which lead to decrease in pollution and improvement of the environment.

Based on its experience, the company offers complex solutions for projects, in order to balance the short – term challenges and to ensure success in long – term plan. The detail understanding of the national and european base, the understanding of the strategic goals of the basic participants of the energy market and the technological preparedness, are the factors, which make the services of the company unique.

There are many types of alternative energy, and Pro EcoEnergia is involved in most of them.

We believe that our experience in any one provides insight into the others – and vice versa.

The common thread through all of them is that they help to eliminate greenhouse gases and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and on foreign dependence on imported energy resources, as requested by the EU energy policy.

We have projects completed or underway in many Bulgarian cities and under way for many project developer and municipalities.