Energy Efficiency and Energy Independence

The idea that the cheapest energy is the saved up one is widely spread, but in recent years a significant motivation for the undertaking of steps for optimizing of the expenses and the means for energy supply, are based on the need for limiting the unsteadiness in the outer environment.

The organization successfully grants services to big consumers and municipalities for enhancing the energy management:

–        Assisting on the free market for electric energy of hospital institutions and others.

–        Analysis of the energy expenses and elaboration of programs for energy efficiency of enterprises and others.

Another new challenge for us is the participation of Energy self-management Program, which is directed towards expense optimization and extracting benefits in certain municipality. Stemming from the understanding  that the effect of coordinated management of basic energy, infrastructure and communication services may lead to their optimization, quality enhancing and insuring of an attractive environment for business development, specific solutions for realization of such conception are implemented:

–        Going out on the free market of the electrical energy sites.

–        Construction of module heating installations

–        Integral decisions for production and consumption of electric energy, thermal energy and energy for cooling RS.

–        Construction of power stations for production of thermal energy form RS

–        Buildings with close to minimal consumption Program