Engineering and construction

 We are able to advise our clients in developing their projects in:

  • Engineering, all necessary electrical engineering, including:
  • Electrical design studies;
  • Identification and selection of cable sizes and configurations;
  • Building the overall electrical system;
  • Electrical collector systems;
  • Civil engineering management to handle roads and turbine foundations Construction;
  • Construction permitting (environmental, building, local legislative;
  • Project, safety and environmental management;
  • Subcontractor and vendor management;
  • Geotechnical investigation;
  • Site preparation (roads, foundations, cabling, substation, overhead line installation);
  • Equipment procurement (turbines, transformers, cables, other materials);
  • Substation, interconnection and collection system construction (cables, transformers, breakers, ancillary equipment);
  • Turbine erection;
  • Electrical connection of turbines to the grid;
  • Commissioning of individual turbines and entire project.