Our services

We are able to provide different types of services – both technical and marketing services to our customers to satisfy their specific needs, project ideas and first appearance on the regional energy market, nevertheless the intensions are to develop,or to buy or sell a project(s) in different stage.

Pro EcoEnergia is vertically integrated and horizontally experienced Bulgarian consulting company relying on number of subcontractors for some specific activities. No other Bulgarian alternative energy company can handle this range of activities we offer to all types of project developers or financial investors.

This unique perspective gives us the ability to handle any or all stages of a project, from conception through project feasibility study to commissioning and all other sub-phases in between.

Range of technical services Biomass, wind and solar power installations are the most strength lines in the business development of Pro EcoEnergia.

Pro EcoEnergia has the resources to manage wind projects from development through construction.

We have all the required skills in-house together with our proved sub-contractors, which ensures an efficient, integrated methodology from the early conceptual stages. Our integrated approach allows siting issues to be identified early in the process, leading to a more efficient and viable project.

We have a complete team of experts capable of developing, building and managing of such projects.

These projects will help our country fulfill the demand for electric power, which is constantly growing, while helping to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.

We have the key knowledge and data base information for appropriate “windy” sites and the ideas how to develop a power plant there.

The new Bulgarian legislation and regulations gives great incentives to development of this type of the alternative energy source here. Right now is the time for wind energy initiatives in Bulgaria.

Customer support Based on our rich experience on Bulgarian market we can distinguish few groups of customer support services, as follow:

1: Services on request to find appropriate land for investment in a selected RES.

2: Services on request to study and verify the preliminary feasibility of selected site(s) for a selected RES.

3: Services to develop a project until the phase of construction permit (CP) with a bankable project dossier.

4: Turn-key project implementation.

5: Services to sell projects. Our capabilities include: For more information on our capabilities in each of these phases, please visit the pages below…

Project structuring and development / Design / Engineering and construction / Project structuring and development / Customer support